Indian street culture movement.
Our journey starts, here in the vibrant streets of India, where every color, pattern, and stitch carries the weight of our heritage. But our vision extends far beyond that—
“We start from the streets of India.
We aim to take over the streets of the world.”
Each piece of clothing you hold in your hands carries the legacy of our great nation's rich textile, craft and culture.
Our mission is simple-
Reclaiming Indian superiority.
We Indians were the Kings of fashion and the textile industry. We were the original market leaders and trendsetters. Our clothes and fashion were exported all around the world.
Because of its significance in ancient traditions, religions, and mythology, the lotus was chosen as the Siren of our Brand (RWDY)
The quality & design of our products and our focus on creating a movement that reclaims our rich cultural supremacy with the utility and convenience of contemporary design have enabled us to create experiences that currently define and differentiate us. And this has enabled us to inspire a movement where fashion is no longer fast, but something that connects us to our roots, to our history, our people and inspire the world to join our rich culture- we aim to make clothes that can be passed onto future generations of friends and family and are pieces to hold and feel proud about owning.
Join the movement, wear the pride, and make a statement. Namaste. Welcome.
The seamless blend of royalty and purity with lotus petals intricately woven into our crown designs. From embroidered pieces to avant-garde streetwear essentials, our products pay homage to India's historical dominance in textiles, symbolised by the lotus - the Siren of our brand.
A revolution, A new era—
Rooted in our Culture.
From India, to the World.
Indian Street Culture like never-
Seen before,
Worn before,
Been before.